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/* $Id: bible.h,v 2.2 2005/01/21 18:32:13 matthew Exp $ */
#ifndef __BIBLE_H__
#define __BIBLE_H__

#define FALSE     (0)
#define TRUE      (1)

#define REFSZ     15
#define VSPECSZ 132
#define LINESZ 1024
#define VBUFFSZ 32768

char *myname;                 /* Program Name */
int  mem_limit;               /* Limit on buffer space used by BRL */
int  pretty_printing=FALSE;   /* Format the output */
int  list_always=FALSE;       /* List refs after a search */
int  line_width=0;            /* Line width to use in formatting */
int  skip_inc=1;        /* Scrolling direction through text */
int  select_count=0;          /* Count of verses selected via concordance */
ref_t selectbuf[SELECTSZ];    /* List of selected verses */
ref_t inrange_start=0,
      inrange_end=0;          /* Range limits on concordance selection */
FILE *outf=NULL;        /* Output file */

int do_concordance(char *word,ref_t *buf );
void cmd_ANDconcordance(char *word);
void cmd_ORconcordance(char *word);
void cmd_concordance(char *word);
void cmd_help(void);
void cmd_inrange(char *range);
void cmd_list(void);
void cmd_pretty_print(int verbose);
void cmd_view(void);
void cmd_write(char *fname);
void do_command(char *cmd);
void user_input(char  *cmd);
char *getprompt(void);
void usage(void);

#endif /*__BIBLE_H__*/

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